Can One Of My Creditors Make Me Bankrupt

Being in debt is stressful enough, but what if your creditor threatens to make you bankrupt! Where do I stand? What can I do? Will they go through with their threat? And Will I lose my home? These are frequent questions that are often asked by individuals who are in this precarious situation. When threatened… Read more »

Facing Bankruptcy? How Do I Afford The Fees?

pay bankruptcy fees

When people find themselves in debt it can be an extremely difficult time, and quite easily they can find that their debt escalates and spirals totally out of control. At first faced with debt people tend to borrow from Peter to pay Pan, but eventually Peter runs out of money too! Most individuals in this… Read more »

5 Effective Tips To Save Yourself From Bankruptcy

For most people in debt it is nearly impossible to reduce their spending habits to bring it inline with their income. They may look at their bank account(s) and think there is no chance of alleviating their debts and have no alternative than bankruptcy or another debt solution. We like to think that a lot… Read more »

How To Petition Your Own Personal Bankruptcy

How to petition bankruptcy

Applying for your own bankruptcy can be a daunting task especially if you have no knowledge of where to go, what to do or how to start. Fortunately there is plenty of information on the internet on bankruptcy and what it entails, though sifting through all that information can be time consuming and not very… Read more »

How Much Does It Cost To Go Bankrupt

Bankruptcy Fees in Northern Ireland

If you have been searching around for the cost of bankruptcy, you may be struggling to find a straight answer. Some people may think that going bankrupt is free but sadly that is not the case, which tends to put a lot of people off. All forms of bankruptcy require a fee of some sort… Read more »

Bankruptcy Not A Quick Fix To Personal Debt

For people with no realistic chance of repaying their debts, bankruptcy may seem to be the only viable options to get out of debt. In fact some people will rack up huge sums of debt with no intention of ever paying back their debt with the sole intention of going bankrupt. They may see the… Read more »

Are Bankruptcies In The UK In Decline ?

With alternative methods to dealing with debt problems such as Debt Relief Orders (introduced in 2009), the number of bankruptcies has slumped to its lowest number in more than 10 years with 6,469 bankruptcy orders made in the second quarter of this year which is down from 8,093 a year ago. Debt Relieft Orders (DROs)… Read more »

Should You Sell And Rent Back Your Property?

When you find yourself in a financial crisis, selling and renting back your property may be an easy solution in the most desperate of times. Even if your home is being foreclosed on, this is a viable option. Selling your property and renting it back allows you to access cash tied up in your property… Read more »

What Is Sequestration

Sequestration is the act of a creditor or financial institution seizing personal property in Scotland in order to pay off debt owed by a person. Sequestration is derived from the Latin term sequestrare which means to surrender or set aside. In Scotland, sequestration is the term used for bankruptcy in most other countries. Process A… Read more »

Going Bankrupt: What’s It Really Like?

Declaring yourself bankrupt is an extremely difficult decision to make, but it is sometimes necessary if you find yourself overwhelmed with debt that you cannot pay. Bankruptcy is often a topic prickling with stigma, but some people may not be aware what is actually involved when you must consider having to file for bankruptcy. Building… Read more »