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Household Debt ‘At Tipping Point’

New figures released by financial research company Verum have revealed that the level of household debt is now so high that any increase in the Bank of England base rate – still at its record low of 0.5% – could push the fragile UK economy straight back into recession. Verum’s report shows a massive 314%… Read more »

Consumers ‘In Denial’ Over Credit Card Debt

Denial over credit card debts

A survey by peer to peer lending company Zopa has revealed the shocking truth behind Britain’s rising mountain of credit card debt. In a poll of 1,000 British credit cardholders, Zopa discovered that many people are firmly in denial when it comes to how long it will take them to pay off their plastic card… Read more »

Household Debts Spiralling Despite Economic Upturn

The UK economy may appear to be in recovery but according to statistics released by National Debtline, many British households are still struggling with high levels of hardship and debt. National Debtline, which is operated by the Money Advice Trust charity, says it helped more than 150,000 people with their household debts in 2013, a… Read more »

Payday Loan Firms Hit The Headlines Again

Never far from the headlines at the best of times, payday loan firms and their unscrupulous practises were dominating the news-stands again at the end of June. Just days after the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) called for the introduction of a price comparison site to expose lenders charging extortionate interest rates, well-known provider Wonga… Read more »

Should You Sell And Rent Back Your Property?

When you find yourself in a financial crisis, selling and renting back your property may be an easy solution in the most desperate of times. Even if your home is being foreclosed on, this is a viable option. Selling your property and renting it back allows you to access cash tied up in your property… Read more »

High Debt Amounts – How To Control Overspending

When it comes to money, people often have different spending habits but ultimately at some point in their life end up overspending. Unless you are in the minority and have bags full of cash in reserve, the regular joe’s of this world will undoubtedly have at some point spent more than they can realistically afford…. Read more »