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What Are The Effects Of Bankruptcy

Why do you write about the effects of bankruptcy? Everyone knows all there is to be known about it. You lose your money and you can even lose your house. Bankruptcy effects are all about finances, nothing more. Oh dear, you could not possibly be more wrong about it. If you can recognize your own… Read more »

What Happens To My Bank Accounts During Bankruptcy

What is going to happen to my bank accounts during bankruptcy? Would I be able to open a new bank account while being bankrupt? How long it will take me open a new bank account after the discharge of bankruptcy? These are some of the most common questions related to the bankruptcy and bank accounts…. Read more »

Bankruptcy And Its Effect On Your Pension

The most powerful financial tsunami that could possibly affect your life stretches its influence deeply through the number of elements of great importance for your normal functioning. When bankruptcy occurs you are immediately confronted with various difficult questions: What will happen to my house? How am I supposed to pay for all things I need… Read more »

Alternatives To Bankruptcy

Declaring bankruptcy is the most radical solution for your cumulated debt problems. It is accompanied with serious and long lasting consequences. For these reasons, your decision to proceed and to get involved in the full scale bankruptcy procedure should be based on carefully balanced previous thinking and consideration of all options available. This kind of… Read more »

Bankruptcy vs Debt Management

Your boat is not sinking, but it is severely damaged by the financial storm. Two lifeboats come to rescue. The question is, which one to take? On the first one, hot tea and warm blankets are already waiting for you. This lifeboat can completely replace your own boat in a trouble. There is nothing much… Read more »

Life After Bankruptcy

Is there a life after bankruptcy? If you are already asking yourself this question, then you are making your bankruptcy situation being even more difficult. Although it may seem a little bit inappropriate to lecture someone affected deeply by financial troubles, the facts are clear – bankruptcy is only an episode in life. It is… Read more »

How and when Bankruptcy ends

When it comes to the end of the bankruptcy you have to make a distinction between two types of bankruptcy endings formal and practical. The first occurs after the period of 12 months starting with the very date when the court confirmed that you are bankrupt. However, in certain cases this initial period of 12… Read more »

Bankruptcy and Divorce

Bankruptcy & divorce

Trouble never walks alone. It always comes with a friend to knock on your door. Imagine this worst case scenario which includes bankruptcy and divorce at the same time. Could not get any worse, could it? On the other side, this is the right moment when you are in the desperate need of a proper… Read more »

How To Go Bankrupt

Though there are a number of reasons to get professional help when you are declaring bankruptcy, there are still some people who prefer to do all of the legwork themselves. One of the main reasons for this is that you have to pay for the help you receive if you enlist the services of a… Read more »

Pros and Cons of Bankruptcy

When you’re evaluating the pros and cons of bankruptcy, you shouldn’t simply list them in their respective columns and then make a decision based on which number is greater. Instead, you need to decide how important each of the individual pros and cons is to you as well. You’ll make a much better decision that… Read more »