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Bust The Myths Before You Take The Bankruptcy Ride

If you look at recent reports, then a remarkably alarming trend of the rising number of bankruptcy cases come to light. There has been a constant rise in the number of bankruptcy filings since the 1990s itself. In fact, a recent study shows that approximately 130,000 people are filing for bankruptcy every year in the… Read more »

Would I Lose My House During Bankruptcy ?

Nowadays more and more people file for bankruptcy, as they consider it is a great solution to their financial problems and a liquidation of their debt. However, it is a very serious step and before declaring yourself bankrupt, you should research this topic. Bankruptcy in the United Kingdom has different properties when compared to bankruptcy… Read more »

Who Can Declare Themselves Bankrupt In The UK ?

The question most people in the UK ask themselves when they go into a large amount of debt is if they should file for bankruptcy. Are there certain types of people that should file for bankruptcy? The biggest thing is that don’t file for bankruptcy unless it is your last resort. This is who the… Read more »

Global Recession: The ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of Bankruptcy in the UK

The effects of the recent recession affected the economies of nations all around the world. Effects began almost immediately in the United States, with residual effects resonating to countries closely tied to American financial interests, banking, and the housing market. As a result, the recession resonated throughout Western Europe, and exasperated problems in the United… Read more »

Bankruptcy Restriction Orders

When it occurs, the bankruptcy is tremendously changing your way of life and functioning of your financial affairs. In this way, we have to make a distinction between the restrictions which are self-imposed and others which you cannot influence directly. First of all, your conduct in the financial area or the series of events lead… Read more »

Difference Between Insolvency And Bankruptcy

Insolvency and bankruptcy are not the same thing, although they have been confused very often. In addition, many people used them as synonyms, which is also wrong. It would not be a pleasant thing to experience the difference in your own case, would it? However, it would be definitely a useful thing to know something… Read more »

Going Bankrupt For The Second Time

Oops, looks like you have done it again. If you are already asking yourself what to do now, we have to say that the answer is surprisingly simple: pretty much the same, more or less, what you did the first time you were bankrupt. Moreover, if you do not take this the wrong way, you… Read more »

How To Go Bankrupt From Abroad

You can run, but you cannot hide. You should not be surprised at all. Nowadays, everything is gone global. Why should a bankruptcy be an exception from this rule? If your choice to live and work abroad is your way of dealing or better to say avoiding bankruptcy, then you could not be possibly more… Read more »

Bankruptcy and PPI Claims

Both bankruptcy and banking start with the letter b. And both, can have very unpleasant consequences for your head after a punch, including financial ones as well. The loss of orientation while you are in the financial knockdown can be one of the worst for you to experience during bankruptcy. You need to remain calm… Read more »

Choosing an Insolvency Practitioner

Choosing an insolvency practitioner (IP) capable of offering an outstanding service is critical, whether you’re looking to arrange an IVA or file for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, in recent years there’s been something of a boom in business for IPs and, in some cases, as the quantity of their work has increased, the quality has come down…. Read more »