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Bankruptcy And Your Benefits

bankruptcy when on benefits

If you’re considering declaring bankruptcy and currently receive state benefits, this will affect how your bankruptcy is dealt with. This article from insolvency experts, Bankruptcy Clinic, explains some of the key issues that you’ll need to be aware of. We also look at the linked issues of what will happen to your tenancy if you… Read more »

What Happens At Bankruptcy Court?

local county bankruptcy court

As anyone who’s been through it will know, declaring bankruptcy can be a daunting process – not least because it can involve a court appearance. Here at Bankruptcy Clinic, this is one of the areas that we’re most often asked about, so we’ve prepared this article to give you an idea of what to expect…. Read more »

What Happens To My Car During Bankruptcy?

your car and bankruptcy

When you’ve been declared bankrupt, control of your estate (money and assets) will pass to the Official Receiver (OR). This will include any vehicles you own, such as a car, motorbike or van. The OR will decide whether you can keep the vehicle or if it should be sold for the benefit of your creditors…. Read more »

Bankruptcy And Mobile Phone Contracts

mobile phone bankruptcy

Here at Bankruptcy Clinic, we’re often asked about the effect that declaring bankruptcy will have on an existing or new mobile phone contract. This article has been prepared to give you an overview of the key points you may want to know if you’re considering bankruptcy as an option for dealing with your debts.  … Read more »

Bankruptcy and Credit Card Debt

credit card debt bankruptcy

If you’re drowning in credit card debt, you need to take action before your creditors get there first. Bankruptcy Clinic can help by explaining the debt solutions that are available to you, so you can make an informed decision about what to do. Depending on your circumstances, these solutions could include an informal Debt Management… Read more »

What Happens If You Declare Bankruptcy Twice ?

bankruptcy twice

If you’ve been bankrupt in the past, probably the last thing you’ll want is to go there again. But even if you’ve made a real effort to improve how you manage your finances, things can still sometimes go wrong. You certainly won’t be alone if you find yourself declaring bankruptcy again, as even well-known celebrities… Read more »

Debt Relief Orders And Your Credit Rating

dro credit rating

A Debt Relief Order or DRO can be a great way of dealing with your debts if you meet the strict eligibility criteria. These include owing no more than £15,000 in unsecured debts (£20,000 from October 2015), having a maximum disposable income of £50 a month and now owning any assets worth more than £300,… Read more »

Women Overtake Men In Insolvency Rates

women insolvency increase

New data released by the Insolvency Service shows that, for the first time since records began, more women than men are now filing for personal insolvency. The figures, which cover statistics in England and Wales in 2014, reveal that 22.2 women in every 10,000 became insolvent last year, compared to 21.2 per 10,000 for men…. Read more »

CCJs Jump By More Than 20%

county court judgements

The number of County Court Judgements (CCJs) made in the first quarter of 2015 has increased by more than 20% on the same period in 2014. A total of 209,629 CCJs were made in English and Welsh courts between January and March 2015. However, the average value of a CCJ has been falling for the… Read more »

Seaside Towns More Vulnerable To Bankruptcy

seaside town and bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and personal insolvency levels may be falling in general, but for some parts of the UK, it’s a different story. Seaside towns have always been more economically vulnerable than inland areas for a number of reasons and, as a result, were hit harder by the recent recession.   However, whilst most parts of the… Read more »