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How To Handle County Court Judgements (CCJs)

Many people fear receiving a letter from the county court in which it claims they owe someone money. If this happens, it is up to the county courts to decide whether or not you have to pay and if you do, how you should go about repaying it. The following will outline how a claims… Read more »

Some Effective Finance Tips To Help Prevent Bankruptcy

Filing for bankruptcy is usually viewed as the quickest and easiest way to get rid of debt but while it may discharge most debts, it doesn’t let go of your entire debt burden and thereby make you debt free. Bankruptcy can certainly help you give a fresh financial start but are you aware of the… Read more »

Checklist: Filing For Bankruptcy

In the United Kingdom, there are three different laws for bankruptcy. One bankruptcy system is for Northern Ireland, another is for Scotland, and the last is for England and Wales. Bankruptcy in Scotland is referred to as Sequestration, and the organization that is responsible for overseeing the process is called the Accountant in Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy… Read more »

Low Income Low Assets (LILA)

Low Income Low Assets, in short known as LILA is a solution for people struggling with bankruptcy. If you are having a low income and only few assets to help you with the repayment, then LILA is able to come out with a solution for you. Let’s see, what this Low Income Low Assets can… Read more »

Can I Keep My House During Bankruptcy?

Although there are various costs associated with filing for bankruptcy, the biggest concern for many is whether or not they will lose their house. While losing your home depends entirely on the circumstances of the bankruptcy there are a number of things you must consider in order to best determine whether or not you will… Read more »

Can Bankruptcy Improve My Credit Rating ?

When you file for bankruptcy, information on your bankruptcy stays on file for up to six years. On top of that, bankruptcy restrictions can apply to you for upwards of fifteen years. When credit lenders see these marks on your record, you will be marked down on your credit score. The reason this happens is… Read more »

Bust The Myths Before You Take The Bankruptcy Ride

If you look at recent reports, then a remarkably alarming trend of the rising number of bankruptcy cases come to light. There has been a constant rise in the number of bankruptcy filings since the 1990s itself. In fact, a recent study shows that approximately 130,000 people are filing for bankruptcy every year in the… Read more »

Would I Lose My House During Bankruptcy ?

Nowadays more and more people file for bankruptcy, as they consider it is a great solution to their financial problems and a liquidation of their debt. However, it is a very serious step and before declaring yourself bankrupt, you should research this topic. Bankruptcy in the United Kingdom has different properties when compared to bankruptcy… Read more »

Who Can Declare Themselves Bankrupt In The UK ?

The question most people in the UK ask themselves when they go into a large amount of debt is if they should file for bankruptcy. Are there certain types of people that should file for bankruptcy? The biggest thing is that don’t file for bankruptcy unless it is your last resort. This is who the… Read more »

Global Recession: The ‘How’ and ‘Why’ of Bankruptcy in the UK

The effects of the recent recession affected the economies of nations all around the world. Effects began almost immediately in the United States, with residual effects resonating to countries closely tied to American financial interests, banking, and the housing market. As a result, the recession resonated throughout Western Europe, and exasperated problems in the United… Read more »