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Important Bankruptcy Changes From April 2016

Petition bankruptcy changes

The Government is making some important changes to the bankruptcy application process, and to bankruptcy fees, in England and Wales from 6 April 2016. This article from personal insolvency experts, Bankruptcy Clinic, explains why these changes are being made and how people considering bankruptcy can expect to benefit. Online applications Before 6 April 2016, a… Read more »

5 Signs You Might Be Facing Bankruptcy

facing bankruptcy

Here in the UK, debt is a national crisis affecting people from all walks of life. And when debt really gets out of control, declaring bankruptcy is often the only viable option for dealing with them. On the plus side, bankruptcy and other forms of personal insolvency, such as IVAs and DROs, don’t carry the… Read more »

Do I Qualify For A Debt Relief Order?

debt relief order qualify

Debt Relief Orders (DROs) were introduced by the Government in 2009 as an alternative to bankruptcy for people in certain circumstances. A DRO can only be set up by an approved intermediary, which could be a company or an individual debt adviser. Like bankruptcy, a DRO is a form of personal insolvency that involves the… Read more »

Protecting Personal Assets From Business Bankruptcy

business bankruptcy

It’s a common dream to own your own business but sadly, things don’t always go to plan. And if your business ends up crashing down around your ears, the last thing you want is your personal life following suit. This article from bankruptcy experts, Bankruptcy Clinic, offers a few useful pointers to help protect your… Read more »

Average UK Consumer ‘Debt-Free At 69’

senior citizen debt

A new report has revealed that the average UK consumer will finally become debt-free at the age of 69 – a whole 12 years later than expected. The research, carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) and the loan provider Zopa, concluded that a growing tendency for people to borrow money… Read more »

British ‘Bankruptcy Capitals’ Revealed

uk city bankruptcies

The Insolvency Service has published statistics showing the areas of England and Wales where people are most likely to declare a form of personal insolvency. As in 2013, Welsh constituency Vale of Clwyd topped the 2014 ratings, with the latest figures revealing 48.6 insolvencies for every 10,000 adults. Stoke on Trent North and Torbay were… Read more »

New Fee-Free Bank Accounts Could Help Bankrupts

free basic bank account

One the results of declaring bankruptcy is that you’ll usually need to close your existing bank account and open a new one – often with fewer services and stricter terms than your old account. Previously, this has meant that some bankrupts have struggled to find a new bank account that meets their needs. But as… Read more »

Young People Drowning In Debt

drowning in debt

A new report from Citizens Advice has revealed the startling extent of the unsecured debt problems that are plaguing our nation’s youth. The charity has seen a 21% rise in requests for help from the 17 to 24 age group over the last year, and estimates the average amount owed at £12,215 – more than… Read more »

Bankruptcy And Guarantor Loans

bankruptcy and guarantor loans

Guarantor loans are becoming increasingly popular as a way for people with poor credit history, or no credit history at all, to obtain credit. As the name suggests, the loan is ‘guaranteed’ by a third party, usually a relative or friend, who commits to repay the loan if you become unable to do so. Whilst… Read more »

Bankruptcy And Your Tenancy Agreement

bankruptcy tenancy agreement

Everyone knows that, if you’re a homeowner, you might have to sell your house and flat if you become bankrupt. But what happens if you’re living in a rented property? This article from Bankruptcy Clinic explains what could happen to your tenancy if you’re declaring bankruptcy and your landlord is one of your creditors. We’ll… Read more »