Monthly Archives: September 2014

What Happens If Your Partner Goes Bankrupt?

These days, it’s just as common for couples to have separate finances as to keep everything in joint accounts. But either way, problems can easily arise if one person is good at managing money and the other isn’t. So what happens if one half of a partnership (civil or otherwise) or marriage falls into serious… Read more »

The Surprising Benefits Of Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy has traditionally been seen as a last resort when it comes to debt solutions. It’s often associated with negative connotations such as social stigma, unpleasant court appearances, problems with employment and getting credit in the future…and so on. But the truth is that some of these time-honoured assumptions are quite simply out of date…. Read more »

Household Debt ‘At Tipping Point’

New figures released by financial research company Verum have revealed that the level of household debt is now so high that any increase in the Bank of England base rate – still at its record low of 0.5% – could push the fragile UK economy straight back into recession. Verum’s report shows a massive 314%… Read more »