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How To Go Bankrupt From Abroad

You can run, but you cannot hide. You should not be surprised at all. Nowadays, everything is gone global. Why should a bankruptcy be an exception from this rule? If your choice to live and work abroad is your way of dealing or better to say avoiding bankruptcy, then you could not be possibly more… Read more »

Bankruptcy and PPI Claims

Both bankruptcy and banking start with the letter b. And both, can have very unpleasant consequences for your head after a punch, including financial ones as well. The loss of orientation while you are in the financial knockdown can be one of the worst for you to experience during bankruptcy. You need to remain calm… Read more »

Choosing an Insolvency Practitioner

Choosing an insolvency practitioner (IP) capable of offering an outstanding service is critical, whether you’re looking to arrange an IVA or file for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, in recent years there’s been something of a boom in business for IPs and, in some cases, as the quantity of their work has increased, the quality has come down…. Read more »

What Are The Effects Of Bankruptcy

Why do you write about the effects of bankruptcy? Everyone knows all there is to be known about it. You lose your money and you can even lose your house. Bankruptcy effects are all about finances, nothing more. Oh dear, you could not possibly be more wrong about it. If you can recognize your own… Read more »

What Happens To My Bank Accounts During Bankruptcy

What is going to happen to my bank accounts during bankruptcy? Would I be able to open a new bank account while being bankrupt? How long it will take me open a new bank account after the discharge of bankruptcy? These are some of the most common questions related to the bankruptcy and bank accounts…. Read more »

Bankruptcy And Its Effect On Your Pension

The most powerful financial tsunami that could possibly affect your life stretches its influence deeply through the number of elements of great importance for your normal functioning. When bankruptcy occurs you are immediately confronted with various difficult questions: What will happen to my house? How am I supposed to pay for all things I need… Read more »