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The Negatives of Bankruptcy

Though bankruptcy does hold the promise of several significant advantages, like so many other things in life, it also has more than its fair share of drawbacks. Thus, deciding whether or not to even declare bankruptcy is a highly personal decision, typically made by comparing its pros and cons and weighing the relative importance of… Read more »

Making The Bankruptcy Decision

Making the decision regarding whether or not to file for bankruptcy protection can be one of the most difficult decisions people ever have to make. To make matters worse, assuming one has made the decision to file, there is still the question of which type of bankruptcy protection to pursue. As with any other decision,… Read more »

Companies Going Bankrupt

If your company is about to go bankrupt, and you have tried researching UK business bankruptcy on your own, then you may be a little bit confused. In fact, you may have had a hard time finding any information at all. That’s because in UK law, there is no such thing as business bankruptcy. The… Read more »

Bankruptcy Versus an IVA

When you are looking to find a way out of debt, the first thing you think of might be bankruptcy. While bankruptcy might be the best option for some people, it is certainly not the best option for everyone. Fortunately, there are also other options. One of those options is an individual voluntary agreement, which… Read more »

Bankruptcy Statistics in the UK

As with any other types of statistics, there are a number of ways to interpret bankruptcy statistics in the UK. However, before any meaningful data can be gleaned from these statistics, it is vital to have at least some understanding of the differences between bankruptcy and what is known as an individual voluntary agreement. To… Read more »

Why Would you Consider Bankruptcy

There are lots of reason why you would consider. For a moment, let us consider the meaning of that world “consider” (if you will pardon our pun). When some people speak of considering bankruptcy, they mean they are trying to decide whether or not to declare it. However, there is also another type of consideration… Read more »